Animal Cruelty

Several pit bulldogs are being quarantined at the Northwest Florida animal control facility in Chipley after they were found chained up.

The dogs were reportedly just a few of what authorities found outside a Vernon home.

More than two-dozen mixed breed pit bulls were chained to poles on the property which is only a short distance from Vernon Middle School.

At this time, the dog's owner has not been arrested. But, officials say he'll soon face several animal cruelty charges.

Washington County Sheriff Fred Peel says a large number of pit bulls could indicate a breeding facility for dog fighting.

Sheriff Peel says the animal cruelty charges have been delivered to the state attorney's office.

An arrest in the case is expected in the next few days. Extended Web Coverage

Why Should You Want to Stop Animal Abuse?

  • Studies of prison inmates show that 75 percent of violent offenders had early records of animal cruelty.

  • Studies have shown that families that were reported for animal abuse also had children listed as "high risk" for abuse and neglect.

  • In a Utah State University study, out of 101 female victims of domestic violence, 73 reported that the abuser either threatened or harmed their pets.

  • Animal abuse has been found to be an indication of child abuse, it has been found that animals are abused in 88 percent of the families where children are abused.

  • Ted Bundy, David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz and Jeffrey Dahlmer all had histories of repeated animal cruelty.

  • Animal cruelty carries felony-level penalties in about one-third of the United States, and is still treated as a minor crime in most places, according to the Humane Society.

  • In the 401 animal abuse cases reviewed, 15 percent ended with someone going to court, and only eight percent received a jail sentence.

Source: Web Reports