Georgia Pacific Emissions


Several hundred Alabama and Georgia residents are showing concern about the emission levels at the Georgia Pacific Plant.

The plant, which makes paper products, is located in Cedar Springs, Georgia. But emissions from the plant are felt in portions of Southeast Alabama.

Georgia Pacific held an open meeting Thursday night so residents could voice their concerns.

The company is applying for a permit to fix one of their boilers and some locals said that might increase dangerous emissions.

Representatives from Georgia Pacific said that's not the case. If anything, the allowable amount of emissions will decrease because of new federal regulations.

Georgia Pacific emits 1,500 tons of hazardous air pollutants each year.
That number is less than the allowable amount. But still residents from as far away as Gordon complained of fallout from the plant, saying it is making them sick and causes paint to peel off their cars.

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division said if anyone is having problems because of the plant's emissions, call their agency at 404-363-7000.