Gas Prices Up Nearly Four Cents Nationwide, Lower in Ala.

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A rise at the pump. The Lundberg Survey says gasoline prices edged up nearly four cents a gallon on average nationwide in the past three weeks as the price of crude oil rose.

The national average for self-serve regular was 2.22 per gallon, up 3.06 since January 19th.

But its a different story in Alabama, according to AAA's daily fuel gauge report -- regular unleaded averages two dollars, 10 cents a gallon. Midgrade fuels are 2.24 and premium costs 2.31 a gallon.

AAA Alabama said regular unleaded is about 8 cents less than a month ago.

Birmingham and Montgomery each tied for the lowest price for regular at 2.09. The highest metro price for regular was found in Tuscaloosa at 2.13 a gallon.

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