Education Reform is a Must

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There’s a need for education reform. That message was loud and clear Monday morning when educators met to talk about school consolidation.

Dothan School Board Chairman Steve Stokes said, “We have been talking about this for several years and I think we have met with enough consultants to make a decision.”

The school board is looking at three scenarios:

  • A completely brand new city high school.
  • Two high schools, both with target area academies.
  • A 9th and 10th grade school and an 11th and 12th grade, both with target academies.

    “Once we hear from Dr. Register on his recommendations, we'll hold a public forum then make a decision that best fits the community,” Stokes said.

    Dothan City School Board members expressed a desire to choose a path to take by April.

    Some local leaders disagreed, saying this isn't something that needs to be rushed into.

    Consultant Jesse Register said, “There were several disagreements, but that's not what I heard, I heard a lot of interest in our community.”

    Either way, everyone agreed community involvement is high and reform is needed.

    Dr. Stokes says they will provide a small learning community to keep students involved and not drop out of school.