Police Make Arrest in Daleville Stabbing

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A Daleville man is now in jail after police say he stabbed another man to death.

Johnny William Draugh has a history of violence.

His criminal record includes disorderly conduct and domestic violence, and police say Draugh can now add murder to that list.

Draugh has been arrested and charged with murder after he admitted to police he stabbed Ohio native Ronald Miller in the chest.

"With the description the victim's brother-in-law gave the officers and the description of the vehicle and location, it was pretty easy to determine it was Mr. Draugh with the description of the suspect," says Daleville Police Chief Jimmy Seaton.

Police say Draugh and Miller were arguing over a car title when things turned deadly. Miller was stabbed in the left side of his chest with a kitchen knife. Police were able to capture the suspect without any incidence.

In fact, investigators tell News 4 that Draugh was sitting on his front porch waiting for police.

"It was just a great team effort on behalf of the Daleville Police Department for rounding everybody up, getting assembled and locating Mr. Draugh," says Daleville Police Investigator Harvey Mathis.

Police say this is the first murder in Daleville in almost five years. Draugh has made his first appearance already. He is now in the Dale County Jail under no bond.