Stolen Safe

A reward is being offered for the safe return of some letters that were written by a soldier who was killed in Vietnam.

Last February, someone stole firearms and other property from Dennis and Peggy Glover's home near the Houston County line.

Most of the contents have been recovered. The only items still missing cannot be replaced: letters from Peggy’s brother, Private first class Kenneth Sherman, who was killed in action 35 years ago.

Peggy kept letters from him in a safe that was taken in the burglary.

A suspect eventually told Peggy the safe was never opened and was thrown from a bridge on Judge Logue Road near Wicksburg. But by that time, the safe was gone.

Peggy says she hopes whoever found it will return letters from her brother and his personal items that were also in the safe.

The Glovers say they'll pay a reward for the return of letters, no questions asked.

Anyone with information about the case can contact the Houston County Sheriff's Department.