Children Abducted

georgia abduction
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Family members in Georgia are hoping three young girls will be returned to them soon.

The girls emerged unharmed at the end of a police chase -- when a man who was the father of two of the girls and the stepfather of the other girl shot himself in the face. Jerry Jones is hospitalized in critical condition.

Police had been looking for him, after he allegedly killed four other family members, including his own infant daughter, and fled with the three other girls -- ages three to ten.

The head of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation says the three girls are being turned over to the state Department of Family and Children's Services.

The girls' aunt, Kathy O'Donnell, says family members hope to have the girls back with them soon.

She says they're "beautiful little girls" -- and that the oldest, Brittany, is "very smart." O'Donnell says she's sure Brittany did "whatever she could to take care of her sisters."

The girls' mother is trying to get home from Oregon, where she was visiting her boyfriend -- but she's been delayed by an ice storm.