Home Buyers & Builders

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Despite a fluctuating real estate market, Dothan's property seems to be holding steady.

From decorative concrete, to building or buying a new home, cleaning your dream house, and moving and storing furniture, it could be found at the Home Buyers and Builders Fair.

Sheila Cestaro, with Five Star Credit Union says, "A lot of people that are moving into our area don't know everything they might need to have available to them to buy a home in Alabama. So what this event tries to do is educate them for what they need to close on a home and how they need to go about doing it."

Nationwide, more than seven million homes are expected to sell this year, although in the past, high interest rates prevented consumers from buying new homes and instead, many opted to renovate the ones they had.

However, living in the state of Alabama is a hot property for some prospective buyers. Out of all the surrounding states, Alabama has the lowest property taxes.

For example, a resident would have to pay $250-$300 in property taxes on a house that costs $100,000 dollars.

Trig Burns with Five Star Credit Union says, "We have a lot of people moving in to the Dothan area from other parts of the country, so there's a need for housing in our area, in Southeast Alabama. And we've also seen interest rates, [which] have not gone up to the extent that they were going to."

According to mortgage consultants’, Wiregrass homes sell faster than anywhere else.