Scholarship Deadlines

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Experts say now is the time to take action, if you are looking for help to fund a college education.

College can be a costly endeavor.

However, some colleges offer ways to alleviate some of that financial burden if you start the application process early.

Jonua Byrd, Troy/Dothan director of Financial Aid says, "If you apply early, sometimes there are extra funds, but they are first come first serve."

Most high schools have guidance counselors to help students apply for college and scholarships. The variety of ways to fund college are opening doors to many students who in the past, may not have had the opportunity to get an education.

Ashley Brown, a Northview High student says, “I believe scholarships are accessible to any student who is willing to put in the work."

"College is a very attainable goal for all students,” says Northview High Counselor Jennifer Matheny. “[I] don't like to hear ‘I can't afford it’, cause if you have a passion, we'll help you get there."

Local high schools offer many opportunities for students to learn more about different colleges and career fields.

Northview High Student Jamie Boudreaux says, "We have colleges come in at lunch, college days, anything you want you just have to ask."

High school and college guidance counselors say now is the time to fill out financial aid information. They say a good rule of thumb to remember is each year when you start filing your taxes, start filling out and sending in federal financial aid applications to make sure you get the most amount of money you qualify for.

For more information on scholarships in the area you can visit the Dothan City Schools website and click on the Northview High subtitle and then Guidance Info.