Boll Weevil Circle Traffic Congestion Solution

The rapid residential and business growth in the City of Progress has led to a major headache for many folks.

On a given weekday, gridlock traffic can be found on the Boll Weevil Circle during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Enterprise Mayor Kenneth Boswell and city council members say it's a common complaint they hear.

This week, the city contracted with a Tallahassee firm to do a traffic study on the circle.

It's hoped a traffic light synchronization system can be established to help with the traffic flow.

"They seem to think that the red lights are slowing down the traffic. But, we're about to do a study on traffic light synchronization and hopefully that will help it flowing, especially on the north part of town," said City Council Chairman Kirk Donaldson.

Similar light synchronization systems are in place in Tallahassee, Panama City and Montgomery.