Search for Missing Woman Continues

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Police have used cadaver dogs and search teams looking for a Wiregrass woman, who has been missing since last summer.

Now, authorities and her family are turning to you for help.

Police say they are still investigating this case, not leaving out any possibilities.

However, it's been six months, and still no sign of Burnese Merritt Rudolph.

The last contact made to Rudolph was in her Troy home on July 29th, when she talked to her daughter on the phone.

What happened after that is the big question.

Rudolph was reported missing on August 3rd.

Since then, police have found her car in a wooded area just south of Troy, along with personal items, including a shirt.

"I believe that she was taken from her home and probably robbed. Something was done to her," says her son, Eric Rudolph.

Police aren't calling this foul play, yet.

In fact, without a body being found, police say they haven't ruled out anything.

Investigators say this case has taken a toll on the department and many of the officers refuse to give up on the hunt for Rudolph.

"When you take on a job where a person is missing, it affects you in ways that's hard to explain because it's just like one of your own missing. You're constantly looking for information and evidence on where that person may be," says Sergeant Benny Scarbrough with the Troy Police Department.

"We feel that someone has seen her with somebody in her car or anything. I feel that this person is still walking around in Troy. There is a killer. I would call it. That's my feeling," says Eric Rudolph.

Police have not confirmed any foul play nor have identified any suspects.

Burnese Rudolph’s son Eric says he would like to find his mother before February 14th, which is her 64th birthday.

There is an $11,250 dollar reward for information in the case.

If you know anything, call 566-0500.