Life without Parole for Convicted Killer

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The fate of Leslie Miller now rests in the hands of a judge. On Thursday, a jury recommended that Miller be sentenced to life in prison without parole, for the murder of Alicia Peters.

The 26-yearold was convicted of capitol murder for stabbing peters six times, back in 2004. Peters, who was 18-years old at the time, was treated at a local hospital and released, but she died two days later. Miller told investigators that peters fell on his knife, but evidence proved otherwise.

"We asked a pathologist whether what he said was consistent... whether a human could fall on a knife six times and suffer from bruises, contusions, concussions, through the rest of his body... and he said it was unlikely," said District Attorney Doug Valeska.

Shelly Linderman a victims rights advocate said, "I don't think it was accidental since she was stabbed five to six times and she had bruises and contusions on her. So I don't think that it was an accident, I think it was on purpose and I believe the jury sent that message loud and clear when they gave him capitol murder."

Peters relatives did not want to speak on camera, but say they are glad the jury recommended that miller be imprisoned for life without any chance of getting out. But even though the case will soon be closed when a judge hands down the final sentence, there will never be closure for the peters family.

"There is no closure when it comes to murder, but it does help them get to the next step. It helps them learn to live with the absence of Alicia, but there will never be any closure for a family that has lost someone to murder," said Linderman.

Miller will be sentenced on April 9th, at 9 AM.