Troy Meth Bust

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A Troy man is now behind bars after police busted him cooking meth in his home.

The Troy Police Department is calling this a big win.

They discovered a meth house, police say, had been in existence for quite some time, until now.

In a mobile home located in Edgewood Mobile Home Park, police discovered many containers of meth oil, matches, and other ingredients used for making methamphetamine.

Police say the majority of the substance was found in the bedroom and bathroom.

Forty-five-year-old Randall Mark McLendon was taken into custody and now, faces drug charges.

Police say more arrests could come.

"I think it's a big win for our department in the fight against drugs in Troy and in our county," says Sergeant Benny Scarbrough, with theTroy Police Department.

But not only meth was found in the home. There was also marijuana and a fire arm among the hazardous living conditions.

Police say McLendon wasn't the only one living there, but also his wife and other residents.

Investigators say the number of drug users and dealers has grown in Troy, but they are determined to bring it down.

"I think that people should be placed on notice that run these types of operations. They should be aware we're coming after them," says Scarbrough.

Police haven't determined the amount of drugs recovered in the bust, but they did say it was worth a lot of money.

On a lighter note, police say when they searched the home, it was odd they found so many fire extinguishers.

Two narcotics officers with Troy Police found the meth lab.

They also work with the 12th Judicial Drug Task Force, which cracks down on drugs in Pike and Coffee County.

McLendon's bond was set at $50,000 dollars.