Prison Inmate Found Dead in His Cell

A Dothan man convicted of capital murder nearly 10-years ago, was found dead in his jail cell.

Thirty-three-year-old Timothy Walter Bucks-Zar was found dead near his prison bed around 6AM Monday morning.

He was serving a 99-year sentence at the Bullock Correctional Facility in Union Springs, Alabama.

In 1998, Bucks-Zar was charged with capitol murder in the death of 29-year-old Kimberly Zachary.

Bucks-Zar did confess to beating and strangling the young woman, who he had met through a newspaper ad.

During his trial, prosecutors said Buck-Zar told his co-workers he fantasized about what it would feel like to kill someone.

In the end, Bucks-Zar pled guilty to the crime.

Attorney Doug Valeska said, "He knew he would be found guilty so we gave him a deal, 99 years in prison. So he went to prison. Is it a fair exchange? Well the victim lost her life and he's now dead, but the victim doesn't get a chance to come back, so is justice served? Well taxpayers are not having to continue to pay and keep him, so finally, I think we did get justice."

Officials don't know the cause of Bucks-Zar's death, but an investigation is ongoing.

Authorities say results of that investigation should be released in the next couple of weeks.