Dothan Chamber Breakfast

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Some of Alabama’s most controversial political issues are the focus of this year's upcoming legislative session. Lawmakers shared their plans and ideas with Youth Leadership Dothan members.

Several dozen teens in Dothan are making an attempt to stay informed. They heard first-hand from five representatives of the State House at a delegation breakfast Wednesday.

Porshe Terez, with Youth Leadership Dothan said, "I think this was a very informative meeting and I just had a good time and I'm just really excited about the changes they're going to make."

State Representatives Locy Baker, Benjamin Lewis, Warren Beck, Steve Clouse and Terry Spicer all spoke about the issue of pass-through-pork.

Through what's called "pork", lawmakers can use state agencies to hide appropriations for pet projects in their districts. In the past, some have even put money toward personal use.

And of the representatives who spoke about it, each will try to prohibit it in this year's session."

Another issue all agreed on, is making a requirement for lobbyists to disclose all their spending on legislators.

But the topic that got most attention from students was the state's billion dollar bond issue.

If passed, the legislators say they would try to get about $2 million of that money to the Wiregrass, to boost the quality of education.

The bond money could also help with any plans to consolidate Northview and Dothan High Schools.

"If we would wait for that instead of jumping into it without the proper time or planning, that would definitely help with that and our legislators can help us with that," Thomas Mann with Youth Leadership Dothan said Wednesday.

The money could also bring more technology into the classrooms.

The lawmakers also agree that it's time to ban pac-to-pac transfers.

The system allows campaign money to transfer between political action committees in a way that voters cannot determine who donated the money.