Animal Control

In Holmes County, animal control laws are virtually non-existent and county officials are getting complaints from residents about stray dogs and cats posing a public health hazard.

Traveling along Holmes county roadways, one doesn't have to go far to find stray dogs roaming the countryside. And Holmes County doesn't have any animal control laws, there's no shelter and no animal control officer.

Last month, Esto resident Franklin Everett saw his pet boxer, Rusty, killed by a wild pack of pit bulls.

During an informal meeting with residents, County Commissioner Jimmy White says animal control has become an emotional issue

Other than Holmes County, every other Northwest Florida County has some form of animal control ordinance.

Officials want to get a gauge on public sentiment before trying to set any rules.

Over the next few weeks, Holmes County officials say they'll be talking to residents about the possibility of either contracting with surrounding counties or creating their own animal shelter.