Smith-White Update

Dothan Police Chief John White has released a complete report on the investigation of Captain Jim Smith.

Captain Jim Smith resigned last month after steps were taken that could have resulted in his termination. He was accused of sending anonymous letters to officials in Dothan criticizing Police Chief John White and other captains on his administrative staff.

However, the fallout from the incident may be far from over. Smith denied sending the letters and said he resigned only because of a life-threatening illness in his family, but a report on his investigation says Smith also failed a series of lie detector tests.

For his part, Chief White says the allegations in the letters are false and he maintains Smith was trying to further his own career at the expense of his colleagues. Chief White says after discussing the Smith investigation report with Mayor Chester Sowell and Commissioner James Reading, a decision was made to release the information to the public.

The chief says he's ready to discuss the report with the full city commission during a closed-door meeting, if necessary.