Alabama News

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Top 10 news stories of 2003 in Alabama:

  • Ten Commandments monument moved and Roy Moore ousted as chief justice.

  • Governor Bob Riley's $1.2 billion tax plan rejected by voters by two to one margin.

  • HealthSouth Corp.'s $2.7 billion accounting fraud scandal and Richard Scrushy indictment.

  • Eric Rudolph captured and returned to Birmingham for trial in deadly abortion clinic bombing.

  • Alabama Guard and reserves deployed to Iraq and support posts.

  • Army chemical weapons incinerator begins burning Cold War-era stockpile at Anniston.

  • Jury orders Exxon Mobil to pay state a record $11.9 billion suit over oil and gas royalties.

  • Settlements valued in the $800 million range are reached in Anniston PCBs contamination cases.

  • Corruption probes bring guilty pleas from ex-Siegelman aide Nick Bailey and lobbyist Lanny Young but dismissal of case against Senator Roger Bedford.

  • Marshall Space Flight Center director Art Stephenson steps down and the Huntsville center assumes blame for foam problem in the Columbia disaster.