Chipley Meth House Bust

A father and son were sentenced Tuesday for operating a drug motel in northwest, Florida.

In a Chipley courtroom, 20-year-old Saygar Patel was ordered to spend the next four years in a state penitentiary.

His dad, Jay Patel, was sentenced to 15-years probation.

The family operated the Chipley Motel along U.S. Highway 90.

Chipley Police and Washington County Sheriff's officers conducted an undercover operation.

The Patels' were selling large amounts of chemicals used in the manufacture of crystal-meth and then would rent rooms for the drug users to cook-up the drug.

Chipley Police Chief Kevin Crews said the operation stretched through, "Four counties across two states. A safe haven and a distribution point [was] right here in Chipley. The endeavor to have this type of business; we will take that which is used in the drug process and punish them."

As part of the sentence, the ownership of the motel was transferred over to the city of Chipley.

There is no indication as to how it'll be used.