A House Fire in Geneva Kills a Teenage Boy

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A Geneva family is mourning the loss of their son after he was killed in a tragic house fire this weekend. The 19-year-old was spending the night at a friend's house with two other boys when the fire broke out.

Friends and family members of Jeffery Hall have set up a vigil outside the home where he was killed Saturday morning.

The fire broke out just hours after Jeffery’s sister left him at his friend’s house.

"I was with him until 2:00 that morning,” says Jessica Hall, Jeffrey’s sister. “He was fine; there was nothing wrong with him. His friends promised me he would be okay."

Jeffery’s family lives just a couple of blocks away from the house where he was staying with two of his friends. Shortly after they drifted off to sleep, the house caught fire.

Lt. Ronald Gilbert said Monday, "Units responded and found the house completely engulfed. We were told at the time there was one person inside the house and a possibility of others."

Within a half hour, they learned Jeffery was still inside.

One of the friends he was staying with, Jeremy Thompson reentered the house to try to save him, but escaped the second time with severe burns instead.

The fire burned so hot and was so intense that it even melted siding and mini-blinds on neighboring homes.

Now, the home is serving as a temporary site of remembrance, where family, friends and neighbors are paying their respects.

Funeral arrangements are being made for Jeffery Hall and Jeremy Thompson is recovering from second-degree burns at a hospital in Gainesville, Florida.

The families of both victims are accepting monetary donations. You can call 684-6761 to contribute.