Coffee Co. Burglaries

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His name is Scooter. The three-year-old canine along with the help of an Enterprise pawn shop are being credited with breaking-up the burglary ring.

Last week, Kristi was giving birth to her daughter, Kennedy, when Nathan and Kristi’s Coffee County home was broken into. Besides several antique guns, the burglars took scooter, a three-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.

A few days later, a concerned citizen found scooter wandering around an enterprise shopping center. He helped authorities to the general area of where the reported suspects were staying.

Two men and two women from enterprise have been arrested on several burglary related charges. The suspects are said to be recorded on a pawn shop security camera while trying to sell the stolen guns and electronic items.

Investigators believe the arrest of the suspects will lead to additional information on other unsolved crimes in Coffee and surrounding counties.

The Griswolds say they were concerned about the stolen property, but they're overjoyed with little Scooter's safe return.