Dothan Animal Adoption Program

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The Dothan Animal Shelter is overpopulated and animal control officers have no choice but to euthanize animals after 20 days. That's more than twice the time allotted for animals compared with other cities in Alabama.

"We are working to keep the population down, and to find homes but it's not working and now we're having to take extreme measures," said Chief John Powell

Animal control officers do try to euthanize those animals with temperament issues and diseases first. This week the 21 dogs and 28 cats euthanized had mange, other diseases or had been held in the shelter more than 5 months.

Thursday night, someone trespassed onto the Dothan Animal Shelter property and released more than 30 cats, and now city officials are concerned for the safety of residents.

Chief Powell said, “We had an intentional act where they opened cages and it’s dangerous because they are dangerous animals or could have diseases."

To help decrease the number of animals at the shelter and to deter individuals from taking more drastic acts, an adopt a thon is being held this weekend.

"We're excited to give the chance to be rescued this week and there will be a 15 dollar adoption fee and save a pet will pay for spay and neuters for any animals who will be euthanized Monday," said Barbi Nolan of Save-A-Pet.

The adopt-a-thon began Friday and will continue Saturday and Sunday at the Dothan Animal Shelter.