Envision Education

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Adults are asking students for ideas and solutions for our education. That's the new concept behind Envision's education task force.

Instead of a bunch of adults getting together and trying to figure out how to make the student's education better, the adults are asking the students.

With 6 different schools represented, Friday’s meeting was a thinking day on how to ask other students for honest serious input.

All students in the Wiregrass will have a chance to write down suggestions and solutions for a better education.

Asking the students and teachers is just 1 of 4 parts of the process to change education for the better.

The task force will also be asking parents, local employers and graduated seniors for input.

They want as much involvement as they can get to build a system that works for everybody.

Starting the week of February 12, students will be watching a video in class and can provide their suggestions and solutions then.