Online High School Classes

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One area high school is trying to take education to another level by offering online courses. Carroll high is one of four schools in the state approved for the new program.

Several schools around the area only offer what's called "access" courses.

That's online courses but students are in the school.

Carroll is one of four schools to split a 150,000 dollar Bellsouth grant that will pave the way for online high school classes students can take anywhere.

Carroll High junior Jessica Newcombe says she loves taking classes at her own pace.

Newcombe is enrolled in Carroll's Latin Two Access Course, which allows her to do her course work online.

"I'm not held back by certain plans or certain students needing to have their work done," says Newcombe.

Newcombe isn't the only student taking the access course.

Carroll high school recently got a grant to purchase technology to make some of their courses available via the World Wide Web anytime, anyplace.

"This will provide an opportunity to reach a different learning style and give kids another way to be able to learn the material. In addition, all kids don't have internet access at home. So, we're partnering with different institutions and of an opportunity to be able to provide wireless access to more people in the Ozark community," says Payant.

Along with the advance technology of offering online high school courses anywhere, students that don't quite make the grade will soon have a way to recover without taking the course over.

That program should be running in a couple of weeks

School leaders say the anytime, anywhere coursework and the recovery program will reduce the drop out rate and improve on-schedule graduation.

This is the first program of its kind in Alabama.