Coffee County School Board Meeting: No Child Left Behind

Small, rural school districts nationwide are finding it difficult to meet many of the standards required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.

The issue came up during Coffee County school board meeting.

Superintendent Linda Ingram says her district has an outstanding record in turning out top notch high school graduates.

But a rural district doesn't have the financial resources to compete with many urban schools for specialized teachers.

No Child Left Behind Act places benchmarks on student achievement, several board members agree that it's nearly impossible to reach those goals.

School Board member Annette Griswold said, “if citations after three-years the state begins its investigation.... and after 5-years if problems not fixed it becomes a state run school and I don't think we want any state run schools in our country"

The Coffee County school board will hold a workshop session next month on the No Child Left Behind Act and where the district stands on reaching its requirements.