Children's Insurance

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Alabama's budget crisis has forced state officials to limit enrollment in a program to provide health insurance for children, a trend that is also being seen in other states.

A study conducted by the Washington D.C. based Center on Budget and Policy Priorities shows that 34 states, including Alabama, have cut children's health insurance, Medicaid or both.

Alabama is one of six states that made reductions to the State's Children's Health Insurance Program.

Alabama public health officials limited enrollment in its subsidized insurance program, All-Kids. That created a waiting list for the first time, which has 2,604 children.

Alabama parents are still encouraged to apply because names are being added as other children drop out of the program.

The other states that have frozen enrollment in children health insurance programs include Colorado, Florida, Maryland, Montana and Utah.

State Finance Director Drayton Nabers Junior estimates Alabama's Medicaid program needs an additional $185 million in state money to stay afloat next year.