Terror Threat

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Intelligence gathered by the U.S. government indicates al-Qaida terrorists have a keen interest in striking targets that are far from major cities, such as power plants, dams and even oil facilities in Alaska. The Pentagon says it's broadening air patrols throughout the country.

Law enforcement and intelligence officials say the U.S. government has gathered a specific threat against oil facilities in Valdez, Alaska. Tankers at those facilities load Prudhoe Bay oil destined for the continental United States.

As a result, local officials have boosted security at many such sites including the Port of Valdez, where armed Coast Guard patrol boats are more visible and ship boardings are on the rise.

A Coast Guard spokesman says making their presence known is a "great deterrent."

Officials say there also seems to be interest in targeting holiday events that draw large crowds, such as college and professional football games and New Year's celebrations and parades.