Dothan City Jail Lockdown

Everything is back to normal at the Dothan City Jail after a suspicious white powder found inside an envelope sent to the jail; forced police to put the jail on lockdown.

Authorities say when one of the jail guards opened the envelope; a white powder shot out and spilled onto him and onto the counter.

But fortunately, no one was hurt.

Chief John Powell said, “We can tell you the substance was not hazardous, and that when it was received the guards followed standard protocol and made the proper notifications. The jail is now in full operation. I can also tell you that there will be efforts made to contact the district attorney first thing in the morning, to see if there is anything that we can charge the individual with. Certainly we do feel that this was an intentional act based on his reactions to when the officer opened up the envelope."

The white substance turned out to be some kind of bath powder.

Police say they plan to file criminal charges and possible terror charges against the individual responsible for sending the envelope.