Dothan Drug Bust

Police called it “Operation Silent Night,” the largest illegal drug round up in Dothan’s history.

A three-month investigation by the Dothan Police Department's vice and narcotics unit resulted in more than 130 warrants naming over 100 suspects. Operation Silent Night began at the crack of dawn. Police Chief John White says it’s the largest round-up of suspected drug dealers in Dothan history.

At one point, the suspects were being busted so quickly, there was a backlog in processing them at the city jail. Charges against the suspects ranged from the sale and possession of crack cocaine and marijuana to trafficking in marijuana. Some suspects were found with even more drugs, resulting in even more charges.

More than one-third of the suspects were accounted for by mid-day yesterday. The Nassau County, Florida sheriff's department assisted in the operation by providing undercover officers to set up drug deals and identify suspects.

Any missed during the round up will have a chance to turn themselves in at the Dothan Police Department. Eventually all of the warrants will be served and the suspects will go to jail.