Jackson Co. Sheriff Deputy Mike Altman

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Jackson County Sheriff Deputy Mike Altman was a humble person and an honest caring deputy. Jackson County Sheriff's deputies are wearing black across their badges in remembrance of their fellow deputy, Altman.

He was shot to death Tuesday, after responding to a call at Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel’s home, after Mellie McDaniel reported someone following her.

Lt. Tracy Allen said, “He was very dedicated, dependable, reliable and that's what he was doing.”

No one knows what Mike encountered the last couple minutes of his life. But they do know they will never forget his sacrifice.

“There's not a moment that goes by that we don't think about it,” says Chuck Anderson, who works part time at the Jackson County Sheriff's Office and worked on several cases with Mike.

Chuck also works at Rahal Chevrolet where they've put up a sign in honor of Mike.

“Mike was an extraordinary person and [there’s] not one thing he wouldn't do for a person,” Anderson said.

Mike was a fairly new officer having been with the Marianna Police Department a year, and then Jackson County for year.

He loved flying and he was working towards becoming the pilot for the sheriff's department.

Unfortunately, two assailants ended his life early.

News 4 asked officials for the records, but they will not release them until the investigation is closed, which they expect to be about four weeks.

Funeral arrangements have been made for both victims.

Mellie McDaniel will be laid to rest Saturday morning at 10AM in Jackson County, Florida.

Deputy Michael Altman will be buried at 3PM Saturday afternoon in Freeport, Florida.