Dothan City School Board Meeting

There is some good news for Dothan residents; the Dothan City School Board has approved a budget for the coming year and a possible expansion of the magnet school program.

The budget is increasing to $45,742,162.30. That's $1.2 million more than the current year's budget, but it's still well below the $50 million budget just a few years ago.

The board will end this year with $1 million in reserves and add $300,000 to that amount for next year.

It's a small step toward a minimum $5 million reserve the state has called for.

Board member Marc Nelson commented that the new magnet school concept had been well accepted by the community and should be expanded.

Board member Margaret Johnson noted that Superintendent Dr. Leon Hobbs had been talking about just such an idea for a long time.

Hobbs said he would have a plan for the board to begin reviewing at the board's next meeting on Aug.26.