Online Scam: Fake High School Diplomas

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It's a promise that many say is too good to be true. A website is advertising a high school diploma from Enterprise High School for $199 dollars.

The website promises by passing a GED test, you automatically will be mailed an Enterprise High School diploma.

Authorities say an Enterprise online high school website offering diplomas for $199 dollars is a fraud. The site claims by passing their GED test, the recipient will receive the diploma in the mail.

Each day, the school receives four or five calls from folks across the country asking for the diploma they paid for by credit card.

It’s believed that the website may be originating out of Asia. It offers a facsimile of a real Enterprise High diploma. It claims to be a member of the High Education Accreditation Commission. However, there's no such organization.

There are more than a dozen Enterprise High Schools across the country, but under an alphabetical internet search, Enterprise High in Alabama comes up first, which is why the school receives calls from the ripped-off victims.

If someone passes the GED test, they receive a certificate, and not a high school diploma.

Enterprise High School officials say they hope authorities are able to close down the bogus website.

They say it's sad that people looking to improve their lives with a diploma are being "ripped off".