Headland PD Honor Guard

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A Wiregrass police department wants to reach out to its fallen officers.

The Headland Police Department has set up an Honor Guard program that pays respect not only to those killed in the line of duty, but others as well.

Headland is the first local department of its size to have an Honor Guard.

The guard may soon incorporate other local agencies.

Headland Police Chief Mark Jones says he's excited about his new uniform, but it's not his normal crime fighting gear.

It's actually something worn during more somber ceremonies.

Chief Jones recently instated an Honor Guard program to serve as a way to pay respect to not only a fallen officer, but also the family.

While it was introduced to the public in January during a visit by Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, it's something that won't be seen that often.

"We will do ceremonies for fallen officers in a line of duty and officers that have passed away. It shows respect to the family and the officer. They deserve it if they pass away or get killed in the line of duty," says Jones.

Right now, there are four officers that are in the Honor Guard.

But Chief Jones is looking to team up with its neighboring Abbeville Police Department.

Jones says his goal is to have the Honor Guard large enough to hold a 21-gun salute and play Taps.

Right now, the function is to post and change guards at the visitation, serve as pall bearers during the funeral, and fold and present the flag to the family.

"You get out here and get in a line of danger everyday, and with a small department you don't see things like an Honor Guard as you would in a bigger city. It would be a benefit, especially to the family. We're going to be there for the family," says Jones.

The Honor Guard is new to a department the size of the Headland PD.

While it's designed mainly for funerals, it will be seen during some happier times, like parades and special city events.

Each uniform costs the department about $400 dollars.

However, Chief Mark Jones says it's worth the respect it shows.

There are four officers for the Headland Police Department that serve in the Honor Guard.

They are Chief Mark Jones, IT Dennis Cobb, Investigator Scott Langley, and Sergeant Henry Danzey.

The Chaplin, Andy Bryan will work with the Honor Guard when needed.

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