Siegelman/Riley Debate

It was an exchange of ideas and harsh words Monday night during the first debate between Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and Congressman Bob Riley.

Siegelman, the democratic incumbent, was questioned often by Riley and reporters about ethics investigations into his administration, including the awarding of contracts and the selling of his personal home.

Riley, his republican challenger, fielded questions about his voting record in Washington -- including missed votes during his three terms -- and his plan for increasing education funding.

The two candidates clashed sharply over how the government should tax and spend, with Siegelman again supporting a state lottery for education and Riley espousing a "comprehensive" tax plan.

Supporters of both candidates lined up outside Alabama Public Television's Montgomery studio before Monday night's debate.

Siegelman's supporters shouted "four more years" while Riley's crowd countered with "four more months," in reference to the November election.