California Earthquake

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Aftershocks are being felt in central and southern California -- after a quake that shook much of the region at midday. Minor damage and some minor injuries have been reported.

A sheriff's sergeant in San Luis Obispo says there are reports of some barrels falling at a winery, and some minor injuries to workers there -- but nothing serious.

The US Geological Survey gives the quake a preliminary magnitude of six-point-five.

It was centered north of the coastal town of Cambria -- about 185 miles northwest of Los Angeles.

In downtown Los Angeles, the quake was felt as a sustained but gentle rolling motion.

A scientist at the USGS office in Pasadena says the quake probably occured along 20 miles of a fault that hadn't been detected before. She says it's in a coastal area where there's "not very much nearby."

Earthquake monitors say some smaller quakes were detected in the same area in the minutes after the quake. The largest of those registered a magnitude four-point-seven.

At a school district headquarters in Cambria, the superintendent says there are "things off the shelf and all over the place."