Rehobeth Train

Heart of Rehobeth Train

If you've ever put together a model train before, you know it can be tedious work. But to build a train from complete scratch without any instructions, well, that's something News 4 thought was worth checking out.

For most people driving around one's front yard is probably something taboo to do. But for Walter Waters, it's not a cruise in the car that's getting looks, but rather his train.

The Rehobeth native says he got the idea after visiting a train show, and deciding the trains there were a little too small.

So with those wheels turning in his head the construction worker put his tinkering skills to the test by finding all the parts he needed, where else, a junk yard.

The replica train engine, which took six weeks to build, is complete with a cattle guard, wheels that turn, and of course, steam. What's different is how it actually runs and all of this ingenuity came from his imagination and just some old-fashioned elbow work.

In fact, Walters say he isn't really even a train enthusiast.

So, maybe another's trash or spare car parts is truly another man's well, steam locomotive.

Waters says he plans to name his train "The Heart of Rehobeth" and hopes to drive it during next year's National Peanut Festival Parade.

For more information or maybe you would like to be able to take a ride on this unique train, you can contact Mr. Waters in Rehobeth, Alabama at 677-7347.