Samaritan Killed

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A Panama City man is dead after going to the aid of a battered woman and being shot in the parking lot of a topless bar.

It happened early Thursday morning, outside Beach Bunny's lounge in Panama City Beach. Police say Christopher Brian Forehand was shot in the back of the head by a convicted felon, who was arrested several hours later.

Charged in the case is Andrew Sheppard, who allegedly punched girlfriend Crystal Roy in the bar parking lot. Police say Forehand saw the woman bleeding, then confronted Sheppard. But friends managed to separate them.

Forehand said something to Sheppard a short time later, causing him to go into a rage. Police say Sheppard grabbed a small pistol and shot Forehand in the back of the head.

Sheppard and Roy left, but were later tracked to an apartment.