Missing Florala Toddler

Local authorities conducted a massive search Wednesday morning for a missing toddler in a densely wooded area outside of Florala.

Two-year-old Gia Denny’s mother had left her daughter playing in the front yard for just a moment. When she came outside the house, Gia was gone.

Concern quickly turned to terror for mom, Jenna Denny.

Within a half-hour of the girl's disappearance, canine tracking teams from both Alabama and Florida were on the scene. Fort Rucker helicopters also assisted in the search.

In addition with the temperature dropping, Swamps surround the house in the densely wooded Finks Mill Community authorities knew they needed to find the girl before dark.

After more than two-hours of looking, a canine crew found the girl sleeping in some nearby brush. She was about two hundred yards from the home. It was a joyous reunion of the child with her parents.

Gia was given a quick physical by EMTs that were on hand, and appeared to be fine.