Student Brings Gun to School

A Headland Middle School student is in custody at the Southeast Alabama Diversion Center, accused of bringing a gun to school.

Authorities believe the 13-year old was just trying to show it off to other classmates.

They say there was no harmful intent and no threats were made.

No bullets were found, either.

However, school officials say they plan to prosecute the student to the fullest extent of the law.

They're also still trying to determine where the student got the gun.

Superintendent Dennis Coe said, "Encourage parents to secure any weapons they have at home and that you make sure that you know where those weapons are located and make sure they have the appropriate locking mechanisms on them and that children in that home don't have access to those weapons."

The gun was found in the school after another student told administrators about it.

Henry County School officials say this is an isolated incident and it's been several years since something like this has happened in the school system.