Downtown Dothan Webcast

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The city of Dothan is taking one more step toward downtown redevelopment. Dozens of people packed into the City Commission chambers to participate in a unique panel discussion.

Members of the Downtown Development Authority were just appointed Tuesday night.

They’re among dozens throughout Dothan who are gathering ideas from other cities across the country through a Webcast.

Walter Hill, member of the Downtown Development Authority said Wednesday, "Usually, when you do something like this, in my profession, you see something that's worked somewhere else and you go 'ding, ding, ding, that would work in Dothan!' So I'm happy to find something like that and then use the energy of this new committee and their expertise to transform it into reality."

The Webcast was spear-headed by professionals from other redeveloped cities across the country. They talked about their successes and failures and gave an idea of what to expect in Dothan’s revitalization process.

"I just hope people will get excited about this, whether it's businesses in downtown, retail or restaurants,” Hill said. “Once people get on board and support it, it will grow."

Cathy Cole with The Downtown Group said, "Community support; we've got to have it. If we don't have that, we can't go forward with our downtown redevelopment. It's going to take public and private sector[s], not just money, but support."

The overall idea is to preserve the city's historic past, while preparing for the future.

The Webcast was one of the first for the city of Dothan. It’s a way to meet with people around the world without spending money, traveling to meetings.