State Attorney ID's Two Killed in Shootout at Sheriff's Home

MARIANNA, Fla. (AP) - Authorities say two men were wearing disguises when they killed a northwest Florida sheriff's wife and a\ deputy who tried to save her.

Florida state attorney Steven Meadows says one of the men had been unable to collect life insurance in the death of his wife.

Meadows identified the killers as Lionel Sands and Daniel Brown. The attack came outside the home of Jackson County Sheriff John McDaniel late Tuesday afternoon.

Authorities responding to the scene killed the two assailants.

The state attorney says Sands was a former Army officer. He also said that Brown served eight years in a Texas prison for assault.

Meadows says the men were wearing disguises when they killed Mellie McDaniel and deputy Harold Michael Altman and were carrying plastic restraints, bleach, vinegar and latex gloves.

It isn't known what their ultimate plan was.

Sands had never been charged in the death of his wife, whose body was found at the bottom of the couple's swimming pool. An insurance police never paid off, apparently because the case was never solved.

Marianna, Florida, is located near the Alabama line.

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