Morning Fire Leaves Three Homeless

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Three roommates barely escaped an early morning blaze, which destroyed their home and left them homeless.

Wednesday morning, Dothan firefighters fought the last of the blaze, which gutted the house located on Spy Glass Road and destroyed any and everything which got in its path.

The home's three residents, Taylor Kirkland 21, Dustin Dunn 23 and Wit Godfrey 24 were sound asleep, until Taylor began banging on everyone's door.

"We woke up and there were flames coming through the door,” Taylor recalls. “We woke up from the smoke detector, [and] then we ran out through the front door. The garage was engulfed."

Firefighters say that's exactly where the fire began, in the garage.

From there, investigators say the fire silently crept and burned its way into the roof while the home’s occupants slept, and was minutes away from causing the structure to collapse.

Firefighters say this case goes to show that smoke detectors do save lives. If the residents hadn't heard the alarm, they probably wouldn't have made it out alive

When enough smoke got into the home through the air handling system, it awoke the residents from their sleep and allowed them to exit the home and call 911.

"It's God's blessing that we are alive and the smoke detectors helped save our lives."

Meanwhile, only a few furniture pieces were salvaged.

The victims will now live with their parents until they can find, what they consider, another bachelor pad.

Firefighters suggest testing your smoke detector monthly, and changing the batteries in your smoke detector twice a year

Dothan’s Fire Department will even install one free of charge. Simply call 615-FIRE for more information.