Former President Bush Reaction To Saddam's Capture

saddam hussein
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Former President Bush says he and his wife Barbara were "overjoyed" to learn that Saddam Hussein had been caught -- but they wanted to keep a low profile.

Bush made his first public remarks about the arrest today while
touring a Houston veterans hospital. He says the arrest is a
"wonderful blessing" for the United States. He also calls it a
"magical moment."

And the former president says it made up for the fact that his son -- the current president -- didn't show up for Thanksgiving. He's referring to President Bush's secretive holiday trip to Baghdad while the rest of his family ate at the presidential ranch in Texas.

The former president once was the target of a reported assassination plot by Saddam, and defeated the Iraqi forces in the 1991 Gulf War. But he says he tries to refrain from talking about events in the current administration, saying he's had his "chance as president."