Florala Murder

State and local authorities continue to investigate an apparent murder in the city of Florala.

Police have not released many details, but 56-year-old Collin Douglas Millick was found dead inside a Tenth Street home.

Residents in the quiet neighborhood are now in fear for their own safety.

Just after 5 p.m. Monday, the owner of this Tenth Street house came across a gruesome discovery; the lifeless body of the man who rented the home was found inside a bedroom. There was blood, and apparent signs of a struggle.

Florala Police Chief Lamar Mitchell says the victim was well liked in the community. At this time, no motive is being given. Authorities are not saying what was the apparent weapon used in the death.

At this time, the victim's body will undergo an autopsy at the Department of Forensics in Mobile.

Residents are urged to make sure they lock their windows and doors at all times.

If you have any information on this apparent homicide in Florala, call the police department at 334-858-3244.