Jackson County Shocked After Gangland Style Shootings

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The home of Jackson County Sheriff, John McDaniel, became a crime scene Tuesday night after his wife and another deputy were shot and killed in an apparent gangland style shooting.

Florida State Attorney Steve Meadows says he believes Sheriff McDaniel and his family were being targeted, but did not go on to say why.

It all happened at around 5 PM, when Investigators say Mrs. McDaniel called 9-1-1 while driving home, after noticing a suspicious car following her. Authorities say when she pulled into her driveway, two men approached her, and shot and killed her. When Jackson County deputies responded to the call, one of them was also shot and killed, prompting a gunfight outside Sheriff McDaniel's home that claimed the lives of both gunmen.

Police and sheriff's deputies from all across the panhandle responded to the scene, and began searching for other possible gunmen, but none were found. As news of the tragedy spread, nearby residents were shocked that such violence would occur in their community.

"I don't know what to say, I'm shocked that something like that can happen here, especially to the sheriff's wife," said Sonny Campbell, a Marianna resident.

Correne Tisdale says, "I think this is a crying shame that things like this happen in Jackson County. It's a very sad thing that our children are getting killed and it's pitiful. And my heart goes out to Johnny McDaniel because he was a good friend of my family."

There are still many questions that have yet to be answered surrounding this gruesome murder, but law enforcement officials will continue to investigate and try to determine why Sheriff McDaniel's home was targeted.