Education Task Force Project

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An education task force is looking for feedback from students, parents and employers in the Wiregrass.

They’re trying to improve education in order to provide more local employment opportunities for area high school graduates.

Tight budgets, minimal resources and strict guidelines pose a major concern for some area school systems.

However, Envision Education Taskforce is looking beyond the issues and trying to find a focus for improvement.

"The overall educational process, what do students really want, what do they think they really need and what do parents feel about the opportunities their youngsters have had," explains Roy Watford, Ph.D. with Houston County Schools.

The action committee formed about a year ago and is beginning a community-wide education dialogue.

They’re surveying parents, high school students, recent college graduates and local employers.

Barbara Alford, Ph.D., Envision Education Task Force chairperson says, "Everyone has an opinion about education and we want to hear those opinions. But we also want to hear people say, 'Not only is this my opinion, but I want to roll up my sleeves and I want to work on making some changes'."

The plan for change includes community-wide projects and gathering information to give back to the school systems and the task force has already taken one of its first steps in the effort.

If you have a student in one of the local school systems, you may soon see a survey come to you in the mail. It's asking questions ranging from your student activities to athletics and even testing methods in the school system.

The Envision Taskforce project is planning to have all survey information compiled by April, and then begin making the desired changes.

The committee expects the project to take about three years to complete.