Convicted Rapist Denied Parole

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A Dothan man serving a prison sentence of close to 400 years, for raping several women will not get a second chance at freedom, after his bid for parole was denied.

David Charles Henderson has been in prison for the past 15 years, and after a parole hearing, Tuesday, He will continue to serve out his almost 400 year sentence. The news of today's hearing was especially good for the Henderson's victims.

"They were so excited and relieved that he would stay behind bars because they're just deadly scared of him getting out," said Shelly Linderman of the Wiregrass Angel House.

Back in 1991, Henderson was found guilty of raping several Dothan women, and sentenced to several consecutive jail sentences totaling 397 years. Throughout his trial, Henderson showed no remorse for what he had done.

Linderman says, "He wrote a letter and in that letter he said that his goal in life was to traumatize women and chase women to hurt them... that's what he said, he is a serial rapist who first started in Huntsville then came down to Dothan."

Authorities say Henderson would stalk his victims then sneak into their homes and attack them. One woman, who was attacked at knifepoint, said it took her three months before she was able to return to her home.

For now, Henderson's victims will breathe a sigh of relief knowing that their attacker will remain in prison. That is until five years from now, when He will be eligible for parole again. But when it is time for the next parole hearing, District Attorney Doug Alaska, says he plans to be there working to keep Henderson in prison.