Moore's Fight for Ten Commandments

Chief Justice Roy Moore 200x120

Roy Moore's fight over the Ten Commandments keeps taking extraordinary turns.

Attorneys representing Moore say two retired judges picked Monday may have conflicts. They are retired Supreme Court Justice Janie Shores and retired Mobile County Circuit Judge Braxton Kittrell.

Moore's attorneys also asked acting Chief Justice Gorman Houston to disqualify himself from the case because of comments he had made to news reporters and because of the part he and the other justices played in having the monument moved.

Seven retired judges, including a former governor, were selected randomly Monday to hear Moore's appeal of his ouster as chief justice.

The drawing followed a decision by all eight Supreme Court justices to disqualify themselves from hearing the Moore appeal because of their earlier involvement in the monument case.

The other replacement judges include:

  • retired Supreme Court Justice Reneau Almon
  • retired civil appeals Judge William E. Robertson
  • retired Baldwin County Circuit Judge Harry J. Wilters Junior
  • retired Circuit Judge J. Richmond Pearson of Leroy

    Moore was removed from office on November 13th for refusing to obey a federal judge's order to remove his Ten Commandments monument from the rotunda of the state judicial building.