Fort Rucker Housing Project

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Contractors with Picerne Military Housing say they're right on schedule for their housing project at Fort Rucker. It’s been nearly a year since officials first broke ground and the idea of up-to-date housing is becoming a reality.

Most of the home renovations are already complete and representatives with Picerne say the first newly built home should be finished by this summer.

What was once a duplex is now being gutted and split in two.

Plans for the building are to turn it into two single-family homes, with up-to-date materials and greater square footage.

Then, driving through the post, you'll notice road work and crews clearing land.

Construction on the newly built homes is beginning, with ground preparation and the installation of underground utility lines.

There are more than 20 acres of undeveloped land. It's all land that will be part of Munson Heights and will have 70 new company grade officer homes.

The home construction itself is scheduled to begin next month. However, even after they're built, Picerne is planning to stick around and do business, according to a 50-year contract with the post.

John Picerne with Picerne Military Housing said, "Our commitment is to Fort Rucker and Fort Rucker only. Through things like the scholarship program, we will continue to try to assist families. But really, we are all about serving those families who serve our country and want to live here at Fort Rucker."

Families will begin moving into the renovated homes in February.

Some of the newly constructed homes are expected to be finished by this summer.

The project is slated to cost about $150 million dollars and they plan to give back to the community as well.

All the old windows, brick, cabinets, toilets and other materials from the renovated homes are being donated to Habitat for Humanity.

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