Florala Drug Auction

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A Covington County couple has pled guilty to operating a marijuana production and distribution ring. As a result, William and Karen Bowers' downtown Florala business will be up for sale at a public auction.

William and Karen Bowers owned Unique Kountry Antiques in downtown Florala.

The couple lived in an apartment above the business and now, the couple has pled guilty to their involvement in a marijuana production and distribution ring.

William will serve 20-years in prison and his wife was sentenced to one year.

A public auction must be held to liquidate all the merchandise inside the business.

"As the law reads now the merchandise bought with illegal drug money can be seized by the law enforcement agencies," explains Chief Bruce Maddox with the Florala Police Department. "Then, that money can go into the police budgets and help in the purchase of additional equipment."

"We have a zero tolerance for drugs. As the old saying goes if you do the crime, you must do the time," Florala Mayor Danny Franklin said.

A neighboring business store Owner Donald Suggs, says it's shocking in a way, but in a way, it's not. "Bill seemed like a nice guy. I was surprised he got caught in something like this, but, you never know these days," he said.

William Bowers has reportedly told authorities that everything he owns is due to drug sales.

A time and date for the public auction of the Unique Kountry Antiques store has not been set.